Tado Superjanky Never Cry Figurine


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Badass Bosozoku Biker Will Break Yo’ Heart

"Never Cry" SuperJanky is the trifecta in TADO's line of raucous bosozoku art toys that sell out faster than the hogs they ride. The certified baddest of the bosozoku trio, "Never Cry" is 8-inches of angsty biker rebellion. Accessories include a skull smashin' bat, thick for thought helmet, break yo' heart knuckle duster, and lightning bolt face mask. Experience bold colors and a glitzy-gold jacket with deliciously defiant vinyl! 

8-inches tall, soft vinyl. Just 1,500 available. 

About the artists: Mike and Katie, otherwise known as the dream team OR the dope-dynamic-designer-duo, are the creative geniuses behind TADO’s fantastical creations.