Fydelity Metallic Rainbow Backpack


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GO HANDS FREE! You need a place to carry your essentials without being overloaded. Keep your gear near and your hands free in style. FYDELITY- Hipster Fashion Backpack are great for your go-go lifestyle. The fresh fashionable design give you lots of space for all your gear. You can keep your hands free while getting your boogie on at latest summer music festival. Hipster / Fashionista Millennials, they'll also are a great kid backpack for your children.

SIZE MATTERS! The FYDELITY Hipster Fashion Backpack fits just the right amount of gear to keep your hands free and your gear under wrap. One main and two smaller pockets give you plenty of space for your phone, keys, cash, ID wallets, sunglasses, lip balm, concert tickets, back stage passes, etc.